Posted By kenneth Pudeler on 4/27/2010 at 4:16 PM

I was retained to stake a septic system for a new house on a new (Oct '09) subdivision.

Nice 20 scale design plan with no bench shown or noted. 2'contours and zoning offsets shown. Builder doesn't want to pay for house stakeout only foundation location plan required by town before framing can start. 

Called the design engineer for a bench, and was told that the approved subdivision grading plan was used. 

Went to the town (zoning dep.) and found surveyor's plan is only a stick figure with brg.-dist). "Site Development Plan" by engineering co. has note on sheet 2 of 2."Existing contours produced by aerial methods based upon USGS datum by XXX Associates."

Do I have a usable bench?

I will end up trying to do a "best fit" of the ground at the 4 corners of the septic area.