Certainty 3D launched TopoDOT 4.2, the newest version of the comprehensive tool suite for importing and processing point cloud and calibrated photo image data produced by static, terrestrial mobile and airborne laser scanning survey systems. Among the new features is a redesigned point cloud engine with higher-quality visualization, increased speed, colored intensity input, RGB color input, level classification input and a color deviation map. New tools include TopoAerial imports of satellite imagery from Google, Bing and other databases; Mobile and Airborne Data Management Tools that organize any size LAS file for easy import and processing; full point cloud classification capability; and the implementation of LIBLAS open source library for data import and export. All tools have been modified for increased speed and performance. According to the company, the post processing efficiency of TopoDOT accelerates project schedules, reduce costs and offer deliverables exceeding current standards. All point cloud data and calibrated imagery are processed directly in Bentley’s MicroStation CAD environment for ease of use. 

Go here to view a brief video demonstration.

About Certainty 3D
Certainty 3D is a Florida LLC founded in 2009. The firm is the culmination of a multi-year effort to develop processing tools, workflows and methods designed to significantly increase the field to finish productivity of laser scanning technology.  For more information or to schedule a demonstration, e-mail info@certainty3d.com or visit 

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