Posted By Tim Reed on 4/29/2010 at 8:01 PM

Leica GX1230 base, fw 7.53
Leica ATX1230GG/RX1250, fw 7.53

Crew started out the day fine, got check shots in and started work. Suddenly rover not getting corrections, so one guy went back to the base. Said it was not tracking any satellites either GPS or Glonass. Other guy goes back to the base to check it out. Rover was tracking satellites until the guy got back to the base with it. Then it too lost ability to track any SVs.

This is a remote area, no power lines, no com towers, no cell coverage.

They brought it all back and explained situation so we set it up and confirmed that neither unit will track satellites.

I got out the other base and set it up side by side. The other base works fine. We swapped antennas and cables, still the other base works fine, base 1 will not track. Swapped CF cards, created new config sets, even entered a postion from base 2 into base 1 to maybe help it figure out where it is. Still no luck. What's going on here???

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