Posted By Richard Abbott on 5/4/2010 at 6:44 PM

surveying is that done by boundary surveyors to establish and reestablish boundary positions and prepare the associated legally required documentation to maintain the cadastre.

The US License for surveyors should only be granted to those attaining the required tertiary education and experience in boundary surveying so that John Citizen has confidence that he is dealing with a competent person who will uphold the standards of the cadastre.

For professional recognition in the other fields of surveying there should be registration in that particular field that is awarded after attaining the required tertiary education and expereince. i.e. registered GIS surveyor, registered engineering surveyor, registered geodetic surveyor etc

As it stands a Licensed surveyor who has little boundary expereince and most expertise in another field is legitimately able to carry out boundary work. No wonder the surveying industry is considered just that.

This is the area where your representative bodies like ACSM should be pushing change, so as to reinstate professionalism with a capital S to LICENSED SURVEYOR and and then the other forms.