Posted By Pin Cushion on 6/23/2010 at 11:33 AM

From "The restoration of lost or obliterated corners" pamphlet... 

2. An obliterated corner is one at whose point there are no remaining traces of the monument, or its accessories, but whose location has been perpetuated, or the point for which may be recovered beyond a reasonable doubt, by the acts and testimony of interested landowners, competent surveyors, or other qualified local authorities, or witnesses, or by some acceptable record evidence.

So if someone, say a witness, saw the corner at one time, or another, and can recall with certainty the monuments exact location then what? you hammer up a new corner at the testified location?... that is what it sounds like in this mannual...but come on? I am not a PLSS Registered Surveyor but I been around long enough to better than that. 

elaborate...and/or educate me a little, please.