Posted By RANDY HAMBRIGHT on 4/22/2010 at 4:20 PM

by its cover.

Met with a potential client this morning on a +/- 15 acre survey.

I know going in that it will be a "complex" boundary to say the least. Been near there a few times and it is all a big ol mess.

I meet this elderly man onsite and he is in a 40 year old pickup, wearing dirt covered overalls, mouth full of chewing tobacco and smelled a little weird.

Quite the character, I enjoyed his company as we rode in his pickup around the job. I had to move a couple of bags of goat feed to just get in.

Anyway, he acquired this land over the years from different family members.

None of it has ever been surveyed on the ground, just occupied for 50 years.

I explained to him that there is going to be a lot of courthouse time, probably 4 boundary line agreements and its rough brush country.

I give him a price (darn high, but needed) and he pulls out his wallet and start peeling off $100 bills and tell me to get busy. lol

I find out this afternoon, that he is worth millions as a chain restaurant owner.


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