Posted By christ lambrecht on 6/9/2010 at 4:39 PM

A couple of weeks ago we had some boundary related jobs to do. First was in Melle, near the railway.

To widen the road and create some parking space the owner wanted his propertyline staked in the field. The road belongs to the railway company the old maps don't fit always in the current situation. A railwaymap from 1909.

The owner knows that some decades ago there was an old house near the propertyline and the foundation is still there. So we dig it up to check if our line matches the old house.

We also have to dig up and measure the foundation of the hot-house

Next stop is a subdivision in Zwevegem, the owners want an old canal filled. After looking up the plans we go on site.

It was a rainy day but some neighbors come looking what's happening, each one has his own story about the propertyline, some have their title deed with them.