Posted By Lawrence Paul Lopresti on 3/30/2010 at 7:35 PM

It appears from comments on this board by surveyors that when OPUS is unavailable or delayed they cannot complete their GPS work in a timely manner. It appears that for some it is because they do not have post processing software and could not take their raw field data and create equal or better positional results. If that is the case I assert that those surveyors are "not in responsible charge" of the work they are signing off on. OPUS is generally quick and convenient but if you take OPUS results as Gospel without the ability to verify it, what kind of "professional measurer" are you? 

Likewise for those that use GPS Network RTK solutions without ever occupying known points of greater precision as checks.

Consider that you can use various NGs programs for coodinate transformation from Lat/Lon to SPC or for 29 to 83 elevations. One could just as easily pull out a calculator and some tables and come up with the exact same answers. If you have never checked those free programs results but simply rely that everything was figured out by someone else so you need not worry, then you are a fool, fooling yourself and shortchanging your client.

It is the same with a EDM, do you accept the distances provided without checking at a "baseline" or checking your rod plumbness or prism offsets?

Under those conditions are you in fact "in responsible charge" of your GPS?

Paul in PA