Posted By Michael Ward on 5/18/2010 at 8:35 PM

I have a legal description that tells me the state plane coordinates of all the points. It also tells me the datum (NAD 89? 1992). It gives me on idea on what the current legal is based as far as control. I have run 2 different opus sessions on this particular site, one today and one four years ago on control monuments with published coordinates for the site on them. However, I am missing all of the most recent called for coordinates in the current legal description by a significant amount. I am trying to tie this boundary down but am unable to do so using the coordinates. The legals close well but I cannot get any of the coordinates to work out and there appears to be a gap of about 30+feet for a new exception in the location of the boundary using the coordinates and what is actually staked in the field. Can anyone tell me where I might have erred or what else that I can do for a check on this? The original boundary that I did four years ago was based on found monumentation and a good legal. However, now it appears to have been shifted or moved, and I am not sure what or where the errors of my way are.


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