Posted by RADU on Jul 12, 2010 1:35 am

So with much reported down time in US have  you reviewed your billing procedures and rates?

Do you charge out an hourly rate  fee for service or do you set hourly rates for crew members plus expenses?

I generally get flat fee request.

The sell is in the pitch .

For my work, where time constraints is a factor I believe that you have to pitch that really percentage for survey fee dollars is extremely low, so that your perceived higher fee comes with a guarantee that you will complete the survey in a minimum of time, with an overall saving for the project that is far greater than choosing the cheapest quote, THE SAVING COMING FROM interest saved due to an earlier settlement.

I actually prefer flat fee, with proviso for unforeseen circumstances....

While I know it is illegal to tout hourly rates I have wondered about listing all the items that should be incorporated in determining a charge out  hourly rate for different crew?