Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 5/6/2010 at 2:44 PM

Down below in the "Account Receivables" thread, there was talk of removing monuments if not paid for the work. I realize this is a regional or state-specific issue, but I ran across a CA disciplinary action that CA surveyors should be aware of and might be of interest to others.

I won't mention any names or Accusation Numbers or anything. This guy has been through enough, whether you think he was right or wrong. This has more to do with confidentiality between surveyor and client than it does about deadbeat clients.

The Board alleged that the surveyor was subject to discipline for negligence, deceit or misrepresentation, and failure to file a corner record. He performed a survey, set monuments and showed his client where the property lines were located. It was alleged that the client asked him to remove the monuments so as not to alert the adjacent property owners to the actual property line, which he did "with the express purpose of aiding his client to conceal the location of the line". It was further alleged that he failed to file a corner record after setting monuments.

This, along with another accusation that he performed another survey inadequately, resulted in his license being revoked, the revocation stayed, 3 years of probation, required him to complete college-level courses in land surveying and professional ethics. He was also required to reset the monuments his client did not want set and file a Corner Record. He was also required to reimburse the Board its costs of $4,676.