Tiltan Unveils TLiD-R3 for AutoTiltan Systems Engineering is pleased to announce the release of TLiD-R3 – a third generation of TLiD - an Automatic LiDAR data processing product. TLiD R3 features a major improvement in classification and vectoring of point cloud data, decreasing overall data processing time (including QA) by more than 50%. TLiD automatically generates classified point clouds, DEM, DSM, building vectors (all roof faces and perimeters) power line vectors, power pole list, tree list and more. Product and service options are available.

“TLiD R3 is a result of a major effort Tiltan undertook to greatly increase precision and cut total project time from when going from a geo-referenced point cloud to a final product delivered to the end user” says Oodi Menaker, TLiD's Product Manager. "TLiD R3 is faster, more accurate and with more robust automatic algorithms, reducing the cost of processing and QA thus granting our customers both a commercial and a technical edge.”

Tiltan also supplies TLiD based LiDAR processing services in competitive prices. Internal product use has been the drive for numerous developments and enhancements.

TLiD is currently deployed in Europe, the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia with many satisfied customers.

A 14 days trial version of TLiD is available by sending a mail to marketing@tilatn

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