Posted By RANDY HAMBRIGHT on 6/15/2010 at 4:45 PM

A huge lake resort community nearby has let out contracts for the clearing of uninhabited lots to 3 company's.

This community is huge and I am guessing there are 50,000 lots to be cleared.

I was hired by a company that I have worked for many times in the past and they have a contract to clear 300 lots a month for the next 18 months.

Their contract calls for "all lot corners must be flagged and marked".

From extensive experience in this subdivision and the hard work of an excellent surveying firm back in the 70's when this community was developed, I know going in that 90% of the pins are in and where they are supposed to be. I will set the missing ones.

Anyway, here is my question, the other 2 contractors are using their own help to flag and mark the pins. Just cloth taping around with a pin finder and flagging up what they find and from what I have seen, if there is no pin, they just drive in a stake and mark it.

Is this "Land Surveying", I believe it is and the other 2 contractors and the client should be made aware of this violation of rules.

Just wanted to bounce this off a few Texas Surveyors before I make some phone calls.

Good work to be had for some struggling Surveyors around here.


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