Posted By Tom Jones on 1/22/2010 at 8:59 AM

I just had a chance to check out the responses to my question, and all I can say is "wow".

It appears that most employers are no longer looking to invest in their employees as long term assets, but merely view them as short term expenses.

I guess I'm glad to be working where employees are encouraged and pushed to expand their knowledge, capabilities, and value to the company.

My job isn't to go out and bring in additional work, that is the principal's job. My job is to make sure that the survey work we do is the absolute best, and to support the engineers in our office by providing them with quality information.

Maybe things are just different here. I believe that the average length of employment at my firm is 12 years. The two new EIT guys and and new survey crew guy that were hired two years ago brought that average down. It was over 17 years service.

OH well, gotta get back to work.