RapidEye coverage from Feb 2009 – Dec 2009

RapidEye archive satellite imagery now extends across some 5.3 million sq km of Australia, representing almost 70% of the continent. This represents recent archive coverage, acquired since February 2009, at less than 10% cloud cover, and generally less than 15 degrees off-nadir imaging angle. Other key areas across Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland are being captured over coming months, in addition to routine and on-going repeat coverage of tasking sites and agricultural districts across Australia.

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of five identical Earth Observation satellites, has acquired over 26 million sq km of multi-temporal imagery over Australia. This imagery has less than 10% cloud cover and comprises almost 42,000 image tiles of 25 km x 25 km (625 sq km). The constellation of satellites has been in operation for less than 12 months.   

“The quick collection of satellite imagery by RapidEye has demonstrated one of the systems advantages. RapidEye can routinely capture large areas in short time frames, providing clients with timely, cost-effective data.” says Gail Kelly, Business Development Manager of AAMHatch “This imagery will prove useful for a range of applications, including agribusiness, environment and pre-feasibility stages of many projects.”

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