Posted By Pipe L:iner on 12/2/2009 at 8:40 PM

When writing the boundary description for a survey you performed, do you typically call for the headright line, to be the same line as the boundary line you are describing?

Example: THENCE N89d45'50"E, with the common south line of said smith tract, the south line of the V.Jones Survey A-222, and the north line of V.Williams Survey, A-111, 500.00 feet, to a.....

I know one RPLS that will call for the a line to be the headright line, if the previous deeds called for it.

Another says he will not call for it at all, he says only a LSLS can do that.

Just looking for some insight here, i see both guys points of view, and just curious as to what others do.