City of Winnepeg home buyers will have to shell out more cash if a new survey-related zoning recommendation is approved.

Updated: Fri Jan. 29 2010 19:05:35 Home buyers and possibly sellers will have to shell out more cash if a new zoning recommendation for the city of Winnipeg is approved. 

City officials have crafted a by-law that would require people to have a zoning memorandum when purchasing a new home. 

Purchasing the document will cost buyers of existing homes $180 and $100 for buyers of a newly built home. 

A zoning memorandum provides surveyors with the ability to determine if structures on a property comply with existing zoning by-laws. 

New homes already come with a survey certificate but older one may not have a recent one that shows additions. If a new survey certificate is required that's an additional $450. 

Surveyors like Christian Korell with Barnes and Duncan Land Survey says it could cost people more down the line if they don't have an updated survey before they buy a house. 

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