Victor Lukasavitz, president, Gould Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a branch office within the City of Flint where Gould was established in 1916 and maintained its offices until 1967 before relocating to Grand Blanc Township.

The firm will be leasing space in the historic Stockton Center which was the first St. Joseph Hospital building in Flint. This building is next to the Spring Grove Restoration project in the Grand Traverse District Neighborhood which was historically part of the Eleven Sections along the Grand Traverse of the Flint River Indian Reservation.

Lukasavitz stated, “The Gould Engineering, Inc. office in Grand Blanc Township is a 1905 Sears Craftsman Catalog House. We are pleased to have an office located in another historic building as this aligns with our respect for history and longevity.”

He also added, “We are pleased to have Gould Engineering, Inc.’s presence back in the City of Flint and we expect this will assist us to better partner and service both our City of Flint business friends and government.”

Gould Engineering, Inc. offers professional services in the area of land surveying, civil engineering, land planning, and recreational planning.

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