The fully automated, CNC programmable system was purchased by the company primarily for its industry-best high accuracy (0.011mm) and high resolution (0.005mm). 

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN; February 18, 2010) - Laser Design, Inc. announced that Bountiful Baby has installed a Laser Design SURVEYOR WS Series 3D laser scanning system in its factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fully automated, CNC programmable system was purchased by the company primarily for its industry-best high accuracy (0.011mm) and high resolution (0.005mm). The amazingly lifelike dolls that Bountiful Baby produces require the ultimate in accuracy to capture every detail of their features and skin textures. The Laser Design SURVEYOR system fit the bill perfectly since it is equipped with the high-accuracy Laser Design SLP-500 laser-line scanning probe.

The SURVEYOR WS system also includes a Renishaw PH-10 (CNC head indexer) and a 4th axis rotary stage for the most flexible 6-axis 3D scanning available. The dual system technology is capable of using a CMM touch probe as well for accuracies of up to .0001". The system advances its next-generation capability with a mechanically accurate, highly stable, air-bearing German-engineered Wenzel CMM machine base and patented laser scanning technology from Laser Design. Laser Design's SURVEYOR WS systems are recognized worldwide as the highest accuracy 3D laser line scanning systems suitable for use in Six Sigma, demanding quality assurance environments setting the standards for laser measurement technology.

Bountiful Baby will use the SURVEYOR WS system to document their doll designs in 3D CAD files. Having an archive of CAD models will enable them to reproduce, by reverse engineering, any of their baby models much more quickly and accurately than before. C. Martin Schuster, President and CEO of Laser Design, commented, "Reverse engineering extremely complex features and details is a typical application for our ultra-precise SURVEYOR WS laser scanning systems. The speed and precision it confers on Bountiful Baby will give the company a competitive edge as well as an artistic one."

The award-winning non-contact Laser Design SLP-500 laser-line scanning probe captures up to 144,000 points per second. The SLP probe line features digital (ASCII) coordinate output, a visible beam, a Class II rating for safe and easy-to-see operations and a long standoff to prevent crashes during part scanning. Its large measurement range, enhanced specularity performance, and automatic adjustments for surface color and finish ensure excellent results time after time. Dual CMOS receptors featuring simultaneous scanning assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture.

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