Posted By Lawrence Paul Lopresti on 3/11/2010 at 9:03 PM

So I started a search to see how small BLM would go and came upon a 2005 offer by BLM for a "Hiatus" in T 18 S R 1 W. The timber was appraised at $4,868. But what did the survey, map and appraisal cost.

Twp 18 S R 1 W of the Wlliamette Meridian, Oregon.

Twp Use Plat 

Supplemental plat showing Section 26, Lots 8, 9 & 10 1.21 ac.

Sect 16 

Several of the T 26 Plats came up as empty jpg files. Other plats indicate T 26 was surveyed in dribs and drabs.

Lot 10 is 3.3' at it's widest, Lot 9 is about 6' at it's widest, while Lot 8 is pretty substantial, it is about 1 chain at it's widest.

How small must it be to be diminimus in BLM's eyes?

Are these guys just looking for things to keep them busy?

Paul in PA