LAFAYETTE, Louisiana  - C & C Technologies, Inc. (C &C) announces its recently introduced C-Nav 3050 GNSS units have received full type approval under EN/IEC 61108-1 and EN/IEC 60945 standards for shipborne GNSS units. The international type approval is fully recognized by the USCG under the EU/USA MRA rules and complies with the International Maritime Organization’s MSC.112(73) and A694(10) and EU Marine Equipment Directive.

The equipment testing was undertaken for C & C by QinetiQ Telematics’ Marine Approval and Testing Service in Farnborough, United Kingdom, under the stringent environmental and EMC conditions specified under EN/IEC 60945.

C & C's Mark Schmidt, commenting on news of the latest certification, said, “the C-Nav3050 is the latest generation of GNSS receiver and we are very proud that it has passed these tough tests. This latest addition to the C-Nav stable further underlines C & C Technologies’ commitment to its customers for providing the very best products to the highest international marine standards."

C-Nav hardware, combined with the C-Nav signal subscription service, provides worldwide positioning capability with decimeter accuracy. The C-Nav3050 is the most accurate IMO compliant globally corrected GPS available on the market. Unlike conventional DGNSS systems, C-Nav employs the proprietary version of Real-Time Gypsy, a state-space solution, that corrects at the source of GNSS errors rather than solving for the effects. C-Nav is a truly globally corrected solution based on the pioneering research and development of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NavCom Technology, a John Deere subsidiary.

For more information on the revolutionary C-Nav3050 or to request a brochure and specification sheet, please go to, call C-Nav Sales at 1.337.210.0000 or send an e-mail to c-nav@cctech.