New firmware release extends the range of configurations from L1 GPS+GLONASS to L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS+SBAS, including L2C, and extends capability to high-dynamic applications.

Nantes – Magellan Professional announces the availability of a major firmware release for its MB 500 OEM GNSS board. The MB 500 OEM board is available in a variety of configurations from L1 GPS+GLONASS up to L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS+SBAS to adapt to various customers accuracy-needs. The MB 500 GNSS board is designed to allow OEMs and system integrators to easily add real-time sub-meter up to centimeter-level positioning to specialized or custom hardware solutions. It offers future-proof L2C support, 20Hz Fast RTK capability and 10Hz Time Tagged (or synchronized) RTK for demanding applications such as machine guidance or control applications.

The MB 500 board in L1 GPS+GLONASS configuration is the perfect solution for legacy customers who previously used the Ashtech GG24 OEM board in marine applications as well as for new OEMs who are looking for a cost effective, reliable and high performance positioning solution.

“With the MB 500, Magellan Professional has strongly re-entered the high-end OEM board business. We are introducing a unique GNSS signal processing technology that delivers highly accurate and reliable positioning, and which is backed by a strong technical and field support team. With this major release we now extend the range of applications of the MB 500” says Olivier Casabianca, Product Marketing Manager for GNSS Boards & Sensors.

Consistent with Magellan Professional policy of offering firmware upgrades free to current customers, the MB 500 users can upgrade their boards to benefit from the latest improvements and have access to the new capabilities and options. Visit to the Magellan Professional FTP site for new firmware download. can also contact their resellers about the upgrade

Embedded BLADE Technology
Utilizing Magellan Professional’s BLADE Technology, the MB 500 board has the ability to provide the most reliable solutions from three constellations: GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. Working seamlessly with any base or reference station from any manufacturer, the MB 500 utilizes all available GLONASS corrections without suffering from the inter channel GLONASS biases that can affect other manufacturer’s receivers. The board itself makes all the checks and corrections needed to mitigate these signal instabilities

The MB 500 features low power consumption in a compact board design as well as a large variety of output messages in many different data formats, creating an extensive OEM solution. The MB 500 multi-constellation board is available as a base and as a rover, and it supports standard and advanced RTK operations using RTCM 2.3 or 3.1 format, as well as Magellan Professional’s proprietary ATOM format.

About Magellan Professional
Recognized as an industry innovator, Magellan Professional has been developing GNSS technology for more than 20 years. Magellan Professional is the creator of BLADE technology, which introduces a unique patented method to the market using multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning. Magellan Professional has also introduced the MobileMapper series of products for GIS and mapping, as well as the ProFlex 500 and ProMark series, including the ProMark 500, ProMark3 RTK and ProMark 3, a well-recognized GNSS Land Survey product line currently on the market. Magellan Professional is privately held and headquartered in Carquefou, France, with offices in Santa Clara, California, Moscow, Russia, Beijing, China, Singapore, and The Netherlands. For more information on Magellan Professional, visit