Posted By paul plutae on 3/8/2010 at 11:00 PM

This is an amazing situation. I'll just try and post the timeline of events as they happened.

1. Arrive Sunday and find a garage 12 feet over line.

2. Was informed by the owner they also own a strip of land on the east.

3. Garage is clear. Survey cost goes up, RS needs to be filed.

4. Call architect on Monday. Inform him there is a second parcel. He is shocked, but happy..more room for the new studio.

5. Send email to title company requesting the deeds for the two tax parcels.

6. Three hours later, four deeds arrive in my email mail box.

7. Open one deed. Read it. Fall off the chair.

8. Open the other three deeds..same description.One deed was the original grant deed from 1989. The other ones were name changes (the two folks I am working for got hitched) and two other quitclaims from personal to trustee.

9. Call architect after plotting the New description about 10 times...plots the same each time, and ask him if he is sitting down.

10. Architect panics when I ask that. I calm him down and say "This is good news"

"Ric, you know that BIG vacant piece of land on the corner?" He, of course, says he does. Hard to miss since it's the only basically level vacant lot in this hillside area and is right next to his client.

"Ric, do you know why that has never been developed?"

No, why?

"Your clients own it!"

I sent him all the deeds, the revised RS, the City of LA's map which does show this long lost parcel of land.

Ok..later I meet with these two people. This is where it gets interesting.

Both of them deny ownership..they just cannot believe it. I hand them a copy of their 1989 Grant Deed and show them how the exception to the Lot 5 is shown on the City's map. The problem is, it has not been shown on the tax maps. Another problem is that Andre/Gwen told me that the self realization people across the street have been paying taxes on it. ( I really wonder if Andre *knows* that to be so)

Andre is an attorney. You would think that when a person buys a piece of property that they would miss an extra 8,800 square feet. The area is zoned at 7500 sq. ft.

This should be interesting to see how it all washes out.

PS Nothing at all is on the vacant parcel. Just a bunch of weeds.