Land surveyor Danny Cahill is keeping up his diet while trying to motivate others.

By MATT GLEASON World Scene Writer
Published: 1/21/2010  2:26 AM
Last Modified: 1/21/2010  9:57 AM A year before Danny Cahill entered, and eventually won, NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” contest in early December, the Broken Arrow land surveyor stood in front of 60 people and made a bold prediction.

“I feel like it’s my destiny to be on the show, win it and lose more weight than anybody ever has,” Cahill said during a self-empowerment seminar in Dallas.

Of course, those 60 people looked at Cahill -- the same man who weighed 430 pounds when he arrived at "The Biggest Loser" ranch -- and thought, "Oh, that's nice." 

But Cahill was very much serious that day, so he said, "No, you guys don't understand: I'm really going to do it." 

By the time Cahill won the weight-loss contest's $250,000 grand prize, he not only made good on his prediction -- he'd shed 239 pounds to weigh in at a mere 191 pounds. 

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