AAMHatch announces that a multitude of high resolution data sets have been released for Brisbane, Australia.

12.5cm resolution image of Brisbane

A multitude of high resolution data sets have been released for Brisbane, Australia.

􀂃 New 12.5cm orthophotos
􀂃 Online oblique imagery and measurement tools
􀂃 Photorealistic 3D building models
􀂃 Building footprints for the CBD

The 12.5cm aerial imagery was captured in late 2009 for an area about 1400 sq km in size; while the powerful online multiangle obliques Pictometry predate 2009. The incredible photorealistic building models exist for an 80 sq km area and are available in a range of formats.

Customised products can also be tailored to your needs using our four band multi spectral aerial imagery with 12.5cm resolution in combination with our LiDAR terrain data sets.

All of these new data sets are available for purchase from our GeoExtra data library.

The sensational, photorealistic building models can be experienced on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=42q_KMjD2VE&feature=player_embedded or at www.aamhatch.com/3dcitymodels

For more information on these products, email us at info@aamhatch.com or visit our website www.aamhatch.com/data.

About AAMHatch
AAMHatch is at the forefront of the spatial information technology revolution. AAMHatch’s dynamic team pioneers the commercialisation of exciting innovations such as:

􀂃 Large Format, Aerial Digital Imaging
􀂃 3D Models of Urban Environments
􀂃 Pictometry - Visualise and Analyse from Oblique Imagery
􀂃 Airborne LiDAR
􀂃 High Resolution Satellite Imagery: GeoEye and RapidEye
􀂃 Terrestrial Laser Scanning
􀂃 360 Degree Video (Fully Spherical Video)

Operating from an extensive office network throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South Africa; AAMHatch specialises in providing business mapping, GIS and Location Based Services.

AAMHatch’s proven technology leadership includes a range of advanced systems for the collection,analysis and presentation of geospatial information. Using these tools AAMHatch has built an extensive library called GeoExtra. This library of ‘off the shelf” data comprises digital photography,satellite imagery and high resolution digital terrain models.

The AAMHatch Group is a multi disciplinary team of 200 geospatial professionals. AAMHatch has an award-winning culture of project management excellence that actively contributes to client success.

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