Z+F UK have launched a new experience zone that allows users to experience LFM NetView, live online.

LFM NetView, is a web-based application that allows 3D laser scan data to be shared with peers and colleagues around the globe.

Visitnetview.zf-uk.com/to immediately try LFM NetView

The resolution of high definition laser scan data is maintained when shared over the Internet with LFM NetView. Unique BubbleView technology provides a 3D 360° rotation of a high resolution intensity image.

"The true-to-life BubbleView keeps the user at their desktop but simultaneously immerses them in the scan site"- Gary Farrow, Director, Z+F UK

LFM NetView is aimed at anyone who feels they could benefit from sharing high value laser scan data with another party in another location. For example a surveying firm could share their laser scan data with the client or with their colleagues at another office.

Cultural heritage and Archeology customers can share their data with their peers from around the globe, data which by its very nature is likely to be of historical importance and pose incredible interest.

"LFM NetView represents simplicity without compromise. It is intuitive and easy to use while also offering the user a host of features and benefits"- Andrea Howey, Marketing Co-ordinator, Z+F UK

About Z+F UK
Z+F have been in operation since the 1960's and are the original pioneers of 3D laser scanning. Today, the inventors of the world's first stand alone 3D laser scanner are leaders in their field with offices and distributors around the globe. Z+F UK are an important subsidiary of Z+F and are continuing to break new ground with LFM Laser scanning software. LFM is rapidly becoming an industry standard. For more information visit