Posted By James M Shaw on 11/23/2009 at 10:11 AM

Set-up: There is an existing subdivision that has been 50% developed and platted by another surveyor. You have been hired to complete the remaining 50% of platting and development.

The Problem: You survey the outer tract boundary for verification and disagree with the original boundary solution by several feet based on what appears to have been incorrectly located original monumentation. The previous surveyor is no longer around to discuss his/her solution. Furthermore, there is substantial property evidence on the existing lots to establish their positioning, but their relation to the outer boundary will also change by a few feet and several degrees based on your new/correct outer boundary solution.

Question: Do you hold the original boundary/subdivision geometry or do you develop a revised boundary/subdivision geometry? Keep in mind that the older section is largely built and owner occupied. Also keep in mind that your new plats will have to adjoin the existing portion of the subdivision.

I know how I personally feel on this topic, but I will reveal my answer later so as not to influence the discussion. I'm interested to see what other surveyors think since I was debating this with some colleagues and there was no consensus on what was the correct approach.

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