BOTHELL, Wash. -- EagleView, the company that helps customers produce the most accurate and timely measurements possible, has now added an exciting new feature that will allow you to receive alerts on your mobile device.

Receive instant notification of your order delivery and basic report details such as total area, pitch values, eave, rake and street address on your mobile phone, Apple iPhone or RIM Blackberry device. Receive measurement details while you are on the go, or in the field.

-- Our Text Alerts are Free. We do not charge for     EagleView Text Alerts, but standard messaging rates or other carrier charges may apply.

-- Choose to receive only the alerts you want.

-- Sign up is easy - all you need is your mobile number     and provider name.

-- Cancel anytime

Sign up to receive instant order Text Alerts and check basic measurement details right from your mobile device. "We have had many customers asking us for this feature," said Bob Grant, EVP of Sales and Marketing for EagleView. "We already provide the fastest, most accurate remote measurements possible, and now we've enhanced our services to provide you with instant notification." Our immediate report delivery is crucial to companies who respond to weather-related catastrophe claims (hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail storms).

EagleView's patent-pending system uses satellite and aerial images to provide measurements from a single address input on their website. From this technology, customized reports are generated including complete measurements, accurate calculations and property information used by insurance companies, insurance adjusters and roofing contractors to quickly provide estimates and insurance claim submittals.

About EagleView Technologies
Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, EagleView Technologies, Inc. is the industry standard for aerial measurement services. EagleView invented the concept aerial roof measurements in 2006 and developed its proprietary software (for which multiple patents arepending) which provides detailed calculations that are more accurate and more precise than any other method.EagleView is currently in their sixth generation of aerial measurement software. With EagleView's system, roofers, insurance adjusters and solar installers significantly improve measurements' accuracy, dramatically reducing costs and time, while increasing profitability.