Posted By Ridge Line on 1/20/2010 at 12:34 AM

I was totally caught off guard today in county commission meeting when I was asked "What is a monument?" There I am trying to convince them to support a county surveyors office and the need to preserve our survey monuments and I get the question. In all our survey-speak maybe part of the problem is just getting on the same level when trying to pitch our needs in language that others can understand. Maybe we are all rocket scientists in our little world. After stuttering about for a few seconds I probably didn't give a sufficient answer as I didn't think I could take the time to start from scratch and I hadn't pondered the question and response before hand.

What I'm trying to accomplish is probably going to take much longer than I thought due to the place I need to start and the distance I need to cover to get to the end.

Next opportunity I'll be ready to start at say:

The US won a war with Mexico in 1847.

Decided to divvy up the land to US citizens.

Made it into squares with the corners marked by monuments.

Conveyed it based upon the boundaries with lines between the monuments.

We need to perpetuate the monuments.........................................

An so on.

Stuttering a few seconds probably doesn't cut it!

But hopefully we learn as we go along.

Overall a good meeting but no prize handed out yet.

Another day, another dollar!