When a Florida land surveyor surveyed her recently purchased property, she made an unfortunate discovery: She had purchased a building without the ownership of the land it sits on.

- Mark Skinner / Floridan

Staff Report
Published: January 28, 2010 

jcfloridan.com:The City of Marianna and a local property owner faced a slight conundrum when it was discovered that a building purchased by Marianna woman Mona Martin was actually on city land.

The issue has been ongoing for the past two years according to Martin. But as of Tuesday, the problem has finally been resolved, leaving all parties involved pleased with the outcome.  

A block building located off Liddon Street was originally built years ago by the previous property owner on what was thought to be his own land. As it turns out, the structure was actually located on unopen but city-platted Dallas Street.

According to City Attorney, Frank Bondurant the land was deemed city property over 50 years ago and was intended for city access to the town’s sewer lines. However, due to past actions of city officials, the sewer lines were actually put in on surrounding residents’ property instead of the allotted city land.

This was about two years ago, Martin said. ... 

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