Posted By Kevin Slottke on 12/10/2009 at 1:47 PM

We're doing a settlement survey inside a slaughterhouse that was built here in the Menomonee Valley quite a few years ago. Using a level inside the building to monitor points. Backsights/foresights are less than 100'. Main benchmark is offsite. Level bubble on the level rod. Same rod as the first event.

What I'm wondering from someone whose done similar work is: What is your precision on this work? is it reasonable at these short distances to have a margin of error less than 0.01? I show some of the points 0.00 diff and others 0.02 higher. My though was that we should fall below 0.02' in our precision. If that's correct than I show that parts of the building have risen 1/4". Have you seen results like this? Any tips on a better method?

I'm interested to hear thoughts on this.



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