Posted By Lawrence Paul Lopresti on 1/4/2010 at 5:33 PM

How will the water be distributed around the world? 

It is predicted to cause a 23' rise in ocean levels, but will the oceans rise equally? The earth is elliptical due to it's rotation, therefore more of the water will end up in equatorial areas than in New Jersey.

Will a greater rise in the equatorial sea level significantly change the flattening of the earth?

Because of that change I am more concerned with whether the flattening will cause me to move North in latitude or South.

Also the earth having a greater equatorial diamter will slow down it's rate of spin, just as a spinning ice skater does when extending his/her arms. How many leap seconds will that add to affect my GPS calculations?

Would not the greaster volume of ocean water tend to force the ocean bottoms to sink increasing the storable volume?

Would the land areas be forced to then float higher on the earth's magma ocean?

Anyway I doubt that the Greenland icecap will melt completely. With the melting of the Arctic ice cap there is going to be some horrendous "Lake Affect" snow adding material to the Greenland glaciers.

Has anyone really put all the possible factors into one prediction?

Paul in PA