Colortrac will start shipping the latest addition to its range of SmartLF large format scanners on the 7th December. The SmartLF Ci 24 is a fast, accurate and affordable 24" wide, technical document scanner that is easy to use with instant-on desktop scanning and copying to any workstation or printer across a network. This scanner breaks new ground as the first professional wide format scanner with a suggested retail price of under US $3650 (excluding taxes and shipping); it is the most affordable 24" wide large format scanning solution available today.

Fitting easily onto a desktop or wall shelf, the super-small front load/front exit SmartLF Ci 24 large format scanner is ideal for operation in smaller workspaces and multiple locations. Lightweight and portable, it is easily re-located within the office, between offices or remote sites. Once there, it can be ready to go in minutes, the solid state 600dpi CIS image sensors need no alignment and the LED light system requires no warm-up time or calibration.

SmartLF Ci 24 scanners provide AEC, CAD, GIS, EDM and general office personnel the capability to scan, copy or distribute A1 or D size images at the touch of a button. Supplied complete with SmartLF All-in-One software, the SmartLF Ci 24 user can quickly and easily scan and save drawings with marked-up changes as a PDF attachment and instantly communicate them from remote sites back to colleagues in head office or copy them to the client, thereby reducing delays and providing a better, more efficient all-round service. Designed for straightforward operation, it uses advanced 600dpi HD (high definition) optical resolution to capture accurate and finely detailed images of technical documents and maps in monochrome, grayscale or color.

Peter de Winter-Brown, Colortrac Sales and Marketing Director, said "Our SmartLF Ci 24 scanners are the latest in a long line of innovative products from Colortrac. The SmartLF Ci 24 is based on the SmartLF Ci 40 which was rated 4 ½-Stars “Outstanding" by BERTL. The SmartLF Ci 24 is an new product based on the same design that is intended to expand the market for A1 / D-size large format scanners. The SmartLF Ci 24 is easy and intuitive to use and creates a new, lower price point with reduced operating costs for value conscious buyers wanting a practical, space-saving desktop scanner."

The SmartLF Ci 24's front-feed, front-exit paper path returns the document to the front for quick and easy collection. Unlike all other scanners where documents exit at the rear , the SmartLF Ci 24 feeds documents around a single, solid roller which returns them to the front for quick and easy collection by the operator. This design enhances image accuracy while removing the need which all other scanners have for space and or an unrestricted drop at the back to accommodate rear-exiting media. This "back-to-the-wall" feature enables the SmartLF Ci 24 to be placed flush against a wall or placed on a shelf, thereby giving the user the opportunity to make the best use of space in offices or places too small for standard rear exit scanners.

When used as a desktop scanner, the SmartLF Ci 24's small footprint and front exiting paper path make it the least intrusive of all A1 / D-size scanners. Unlike similarly sized large format desktop scanners which require empty desk space behind them to accommodate the rear-exiting document, the SmartLF Ci 24 will return drawings to the front for easy collection with no inconvenience to the contents on the desk behind it or to the person occupying it. At just 36lbs or 16.3kg, the SmartLF Ci 24 is a transportable A1 / D-size wide format scanning solution ideally suited to working on site from temporary offices.

SmartLF Ci 24 technical documents scanners are 24" versions of the SmartLF Ci 40, the 40" wide technical document scanner rated “Outstanding" by BERTL, the independent technology evaluator who awarded it 4 ½-Stars . Like the acclaimed SmartLF Ci 40, the Ci 24 features Colortrac's industry leading, advanced CIS (contact image sensor) imaging technology to provide real large format performance benefits, including scanning speed, high resolution, image quality, low power consumption, energy-savings and instant-on, long-life LED illumination.

Available in three standard models - the SmartLF Ci 24m (monochrome), Ci 24c (color) and Ci 24e (enhanced color), Colortrac's new "baby" scanner provides exceptional monochrome performance with very sharp, clean black and white images; excellent grayscale reproduction; and attractive, bright colors at the fastest scan speeds suitable for all AEC, CAD, GIS and general office color copying needs. Scanning and copying can be controlled from either a host PC or the center-mounted touch-panel which supports eleven different languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Designed to meet international energy saving standards, the SmartLF Ci 24 provides an environmentally friendly on-demand scanning solution.

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Founded in 1989 and based near Cambridge in the UK, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format color scanners and image acquisition software solutions. Colortrac was the first large format scanner manufacturer to recognize the individual merits of CIS and CCD image sensor technology. This realization led to the creation of the SmartLF wide format scanner family in 2004. Colortrac SmartLF large format scanners provide affordable solutions for the divergent needs of the Graphic Arts, Reprographics, AEC, CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical documents scanning markets. Colortrac Ltd has subsidiary offices in Beijing and Suzhou, P.R. China and in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. Information about Colortrac's products can be found at