Posted By Georges Cornelissen on 3/17/2010 at 11:43 AM


Anyone who have a few dollars to invest, SECO sells thumb release bi-pod for a leveling rod that is very handy.


-Easy to use 
-Same design as the standard bi-pod
-Handy for the solo guy


-Designed for a rectangular-shaped rod
-Need a fair bit of torque when using a plastic or aluminum rod to keep the rod in place. The rod may get damaged in the long run. 
-The circular vial is a bit weak, I use a standard hand held one instead. 

Overall, I like that bi-pod. Had to do a few QC checks this morning, nobody available, the work gets done anyway. I think it would work very well with with a heavy, rectangular shaped rod.

Which leads to ths question: Does anyone knows what type barcode rods are available with a Leica Sprinter level, besides the standard 4m aluminum rod?