The winning formula in the GrizzlyMan race is said to be a combination of shear endurance and navigational instinct. So it's no wonder that some of the most successful racers are cartographers, land surveyors and hunters.

by Neil LaRubbio | March 3, 2010 | Montana Kaimin Due to unseasonably balmy weather, grizzly bears are reported to be emerging early from hibernation, while racers are taking the opportunity to emerge from the gyms to prepare for the third annual GrizzlyMan Adventure Race on April 17.

Adventure racing is a rugged, supercharged offspring of the more pedestrian road marathon. Taking advantage of the 65,000 acres within the Lubrecht Experimental Forest and The Resort at Paws Up, this year’s GrizzlyMan course combines hiking, biking, orienteering and rafting into an exhaustive eight- to 10-hour slog through the countryside.

“It’s a weird race because you won’t see anyone for hours,” said John Cuddy who, along with teammate Tim Peterson, won first place in last year’s GrizzlyMan male pairs bracket as Team Neurotics.

The winning formula is a combination of shear endurance and navigational instinct. In adventure racing, choosing the best path to each checkpoint is essential. Four years in the Army has trained Peterson’s eye to chart a course of action using only a map, no compass. ...

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