Posted By Richard Sunden on 1/13/2010 at 9:21 PM

Can anyone please help me with Trimble TGO V1.62?

How does one move points in TGO?

We did a RTK with infill session. We are in UTM Zone 5 N, have two points with OPUS solutions, and a Starnet adjustment for the other points so we have solid coordinates. We must have grabbed the wrong job file when loading the TSC1, because when I set up the base on a control point, the point is not in the TSC1. Not a problem I grab the paper work with the point coords, key them in and mistakenly hit the here key on the TSC1. I check into another point realize I'm off but decide to proceed, thinking I can fix this later. So I set off storing 56 RTK points, switch over to static and do a half hour of that. 

Then I move the base to another control point and proceed to make the same mistake (enter coords for the point but hit the here key) so I'm still not on my control point coords. I do another half hour of static, (now I have vectors from two control points to a new control point), and switch back to RTK gather 20 additional points and I'm done in the field.

Back at the office I down load the two TSC1s into TGO keeping the same point numbers on the erroneous control points . There are now two points in TGO with the same number but different locations and the new vectors emanating from the incorrect locations. I export the static vectors to Starnet and get good coords on my new control point. I also generate file to be sent to OPUS for a check. So I have a partial work around.

Now I would like to move the incorrect, duplicate, points onto the correct point positions along with the RTK points and vectors and static point and it's two vectors. I need good coords on the RTK points. Can anyone tell me how to do this? BTW this is easy to do in Ashtech Solutions, but alack and alas I don't have Ashtech software for RTK.

Thank you in advance, Rich

PS Will the latest Ashtech/Magellan GNSS Solutions accept old Trimble 4800 RTK and static data, without rinex conversions and other machinations? I sure would like to get away from Trimble software. I'm a manual follower and Trimble does not produce usable manuals. Ashtech's is great in comparison. From now on it will be show me the manual (before I lay out cash). Best manual earns my money.

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