Posted By Lawrence Paul Lopresti on 3/18/2010 at 3:56 PM

Totally open question, but I have been thinking as an engineer (sorry) about what types of land development laws would be required to aid a national policy of energy efficiency. Surveyors deal with such laws on a regular enough basis to have valid opinions. Here is Number 1.

1/ By next year there will be a decent variety of all electric cars to choose from. What about encouraging their use by promoting recharging facilities in parking lots.

A/ Any business or facility with more than 100 parking spaces is required to have 1 recharge spot per 100 vehicles. The energy does not have to be provided free but if it is the business gets some offsetting pollution credits. Any downtown parking facility must provide at 1/50 spaces. If you park a non electric car in the space same fines as parking in a handicap spot. 

Would a reasonable charge be put in a quarter get 0.5-1 kilowatts?

B/ To facilitate paying for your charge create an EZ-Charge system or your EZ-Pass would also work. An alternate would be that your plug transmits your vehicle VIN number to the system with a PIN number attached that gets you into the pay as you go system. Third choice would be a plug adaptor to go between the receptacle and the car, either connected to a charge card or you refill the adaptor with cash at special service stations.

C/ Restaurants provide 1/25 spaces, quick charge capable. All gas stations must provide 1 quick recharge spot per 6 pumps. Over by the air hose would be fine.

Put this in to effect with a manual similar to the ADA parking requirements. Since it does not involve new or resizing spaces it can be put into effect almost immediately for new facilities and within reasonable time limits for existing, since almost all parking lots have light poles and power to same. I envision a very simple parking meter device that can service 4 spaces with head to head parking.

Things to consider most electric cars will have a 40-80 mile range. Not every vehicle will need to be recharged when the driver gets to the workplace. An even smaller percentage will require recharging at a store or restaurant. 1/4 of handicap spaces must be rechargeable but no penalty for any handicap plated vehicle to park there anyway. I would assume one places a single outlet charger accessible to 2 spaces between the non-striped vehicle spots to avoid tripping hazards. I envision lime green posts with orange lightning bolt sysmbols for visibility.

I do not mean every municipality needs to adopt it, national or state.

Paul in PA