Posted By donald poole on 2/23/2010 at 3:00 PM

Last week was school vacation week here in MA so the kids and I had a "staycation"...

A friend of mine has a small 5 acre farm in western Brewster where they rasie alpaca's, a few sheep, and a couple of goats. They process all thier own fiber as well as accepting nationwide orders to process the fiber into roving, to be spun into wifes spins so she is the benficary of some of the fiber, too.

Here's a copy of the Land Court pland showing thier property. They own Lot 6, and needed the back line (furtherst south) staked for some fencing.

It is the 326.69' line that needed to be staked. Now Mark, the owner, says to me, "There are concrete bounds at each corner but the one at the southeast corner is way down in a hole and I can't see between them." I say to Mark, "we don't know where the bound at the southeast corner really is because we don't have any history of it. Can you show me a few more back up the line that I can use to tie in?" "Sure," he says, "there are two more further north."

Well we find the 2 more further north and I am lucky enough to find a point where I can see 4 bounds. I start the resection with three of the bounds and find one to be 25' out of position. This is the bounds that is supposed to be the northern monument shown at the end of the 251.25' line. The other two, (128.63' apart on the south line) check within 2 hundreths.

"Well Mark, that doesn't look so good for that monument. Let's see if I can stakeout to the calculated position and see if there is a bound?" Sure enough there is one, check back two bounds to the north, and bingo, there is another one.... right where it's supposed to be, at least within a tenth.

So now we check to the boundin the hole and find it's 2' out of position. Guess what? 2' behind it and covered up is the corner bound. now we have three bounds without a history, or any good reason to be where they are located! But I have, overall, 5 mmonuments shown on the decree plan. So we stake the line. Mark is confused, impressed, and bewildered about what just happened but at least he knows where his property lines run!!

Here's a rough sketch of the situation. the two bounds he thought were his corners fall inside his property by 45' and 19'...

This is one of the HUGE benefits of working with Land Courted property. Bounds are where they are supposed to be, as shown on the Land Court Decree plan and the location is guarenteed by the state. (Title. too)

It was a nice Monday for Feb. on Cape Cod. I took my 13 yr old daughter to help with this one, thinking it was an hour job. But 4 hours later we left and she was $20 richer!! I paid her, my wife got some parts for her spinning wheel, and I got to educate a land owner!!!

Oh yeah, feel free to use this example with potential clients, I sure will!!