Posted By Deral at Home on 10/15/2009 at 6:27 PM

Well today did not start out with the clear skies as they promised. Very cloudy, and sorta cold. Carhardts sort of morning and gloves.

I had the monthly report of hydrants from our water department, compared with our inspectors reports. Updated the database for the ones that were just replaced and found one project along 35th street where they had put in five new Clow 2008 plugs. This was one of the areas I identified in my fire study report that had insufficient spacing. There was only one plug along a very long section of road in a very heavily populated area new Comanche Memorial Hospital.

Existing 10" line so plenty of water just not hydrants.

We are doing a road reconstruction along this segment and adding a sidewalk so we decided to also add in enough plugs to make things a bit more managable in case of a fire.

The road was all tore out along this route and at this time resembled a river so Michael dropped me off on the south side of the project and drove around to the end to pick me up.

I took the gear and my plans and walked, waded along the street gathering all the new plugs, addresses and other attribute information necessary to update our GIS system and cad maps. It took just about 30 or so minutes.

Then took off to the SW to gather a complete new system of plugs in a new neighborhood. I was surprised to see this sign. It was not what is on the record plat. I'll have to get with someone tomorrow and see what gives on this.

Still cloudy, cold and as I read the sign while watching Michael run the Hiper around but I kept hearing strains of "Whiter Shade of Pale". We have an ordinance where all intersections or roads have a 3.5" cap to be set so since the roads were in but no houses yet built then this is a good time to pick up some asbuilt information.

Michael whacked the caps, water valves, SSMH's and a bunch of lot corners while I prepped for the next job on our list. He shot everything with the Hiper using our new IP Base station in less than an hour.

I'm really loving this system. Jump out, connect to the base via our cell modem and check into a couple of our existing points and bingo, you are on the grid and surveying.

So we are off to the next little project. Just 1000' feet of road reconstruction to be done in two phases. The first phase is just one block but it impacts all the rest. Our part is for the design and we just needed some topo data.

This is the entrance. The road we are doing is going to the right and the next phase to the left. A real problem with ponding and it's always been this way. A very poor job of the original design or build.

Michael grabbed the plat, the schoney and the shovel and left me with the Hiper to do the topo work.

The instructions from Jonith, one of our Engineers, was that she wanted just some shots on the end drains on the south end and some scattered gutter shots along this route.