Whether you’re new to Traverse PC or a long time user, you want the same thing - Easy. That’s what 2010 is all about - Easy. Sure, you’ll find some great new features like surfaces you can tag and un-tag in a drawing just like traverses, but what you’ll really like about 2010 is our new Smart Survey System. A way to work with surveys that beats our old Survey System because it’s easier, more powerful and lots of fun.

New Docking Views- Docking Views are a perfect fit for TPC Desktop. Dock your data so it’s right where you want. Or create groups of tabbed views that share the same space, leaving more room for you to do work on your desktop.

Tasks Manager- The Tasks Manager is a great example of how our new Smart Survey System works. It’s like Command Central with your most recent surveys, information about a survey you open, links to the learning guides and on-line help.

Obvious Navigation- Traverse PC Desktop 2010 makes navigation obvious with shortcut text. Along with the new tabs and tab groups it provides what we call Obvious Navigation.

TPC Desktop 2010 is Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 ready.