Salford, UK – Salford GIS announce the launch of a new concept in supporting GIS users.

Since its inception, Salford GIS has earned a reputation for highly effective GIS training courses that provide attendees with an excellent grounding in the use of what can be complicated software.

Whilst face-to-face teaching is the best way for new and experienced staff to learn and improve their GIS skills, Salford GIS wanted to ensure that the training doesn’t stop with the end of the course.

Salford GIS Director Rob Knight explains:“Once back in the office users often find the pressures of work hinder their ability to remember everything learnt in the relatively relaxed environment of the training room. Colleagues demanding data to be added, maps to be produced or analysis work to be completed within tight timescales can be difficult to cope with. People need access to support on demand.”

Understanding this need saw Salford GIS create and introduce the GIS Lifebelt. The GIS Lifebelt is a support package that means users are never left to struggle on their own again; help is always at hand.

Rob Knight again;“Owners of a GIS Lifebelt have access to a comprehensive online library of tutorial videos backed up with support via telephone/email from Salford GIS consultants should they need it.”

By working with our customers, we have found that people prefer support that is quick and easy to access, and in particular would prefer self-service access to that support rather than repeatedly contacting their GIS Manager or IT helpdesk.

There are some fantastic advances in GIS at the moment, but at the user level there are a lot of people still trying to master the basics. The Online Tutorials are carefully designed to be user friendly and concise, enabling subscribers to continue to learn as they go.”

Initially for ArcView and MapInfo software, the tutorials available as part of the GIS Lifebelt use UK data and will constantly evolve in line with the customer feedback, to cover more topics and new software

About Salford GIS
For the last 11 years, Salford GIS Limited has provided professional and independent ‘geo-based’ consultancy advice to a wide range of commercial and public organisations. In addition to these services Salford GIS has designed and delivered a comprehensive range of GIS training courses which have been attended by hundreds of attendees.

The company has now developed the GIS Lifebelt and this unique support package is the latest addition to the portfolio of services that so many of the UK’s organisations rely on Salford GIS to provide.

For further details visit or call 0161 278 2440.