Posted By Eugene Kooper on 9/20/2009 at 10:37 PM

I was out, wandering about in the rocks Saturday and found this "Nyce" stone corner. The other end of my survey is at the "bottom". I used an airless jack hammer to set a flared base aluminum monument in the road to mark Cor. No. 3 of the Belle of the Buckskin. It's 1962.5 feet horizontally and 1168.4 feet vertically from this stone.

This stone is Cor. No. 10 of the Helvetia lode claim, Mineral Survey No. 212 (elevation 12252 feet). It snakes its way through the rocks. Not quite a simple rectangle with ten corners, but obviously a simple survey retracement. It was surveyed on August 22, 1876 by George W. Nyce, USMS.

Part way done the scree slope and near the left edge in the first photo is a "rock outcrop". Here's a close-up of it where one can make out a wood stake protruding from the rocks (if you squint). It is the witness corner to Cor. No. 4 of the Materhorn lode, a lode claim in the same mineral survey as one of the claims I am surveying. In the alpine valley below are some beaver ponds that are often frequented by moose (just for Dave Karoly).

So, what did you guys do this weekend? ;-)


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