SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 26, 2009 – URS Corporation announced that Risk Assessment, Mapping and Planning Partners (RAMPP), a joint venture between URS, Dewberry and ESP Associates, has been awarded a contract by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist the agency in identifying flood hazards, assessing the associated risks and providing mitigation activities throughout the United States and its territories. 
 Under the terms of the contract, the joint venture will be responsible for the production of digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, operating regional support centers, providing production and technical services for flood insurance studies, conducting hazard risk assessments, and providing mitigation planning and outreach, among other services.
“We are pleased to have been selected for this contract, which underscores the strength of URS’ technical capabilities and depth of experience in  managing, mitigating, and responding to federally-declared disasters and providing technical services,” said Gary V. Jandegian, President of the URS Division. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with FEMA and providing assistance in the development of essential tools to enhance the agency’s floodplain mapping, planning and mitigation capabilities.”
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