Source: Santa Barbara County For the first time in history, the County Engineers Association of California (CEAC) bestowed a new award, "County Surveyor of the Year," to Michael Emmons, the Public Works Department's Division Deputy Director who also serves as the chief County Surveyor.

The award was created to recognize the vital role that the County Surveyor has in counties throughout California. The inaugural "Surveyor of the Year Award" was presented by CEAC President Peter Rei to Emmons, Santa Barbara County's Surveyor for the past 12 years.

Emmons is a state-licensed Registered Land Surveyor responsible for carefully maintaining and certifying all records of property boundaries in the County. He was recognized for his dedication to the profession, but also for his innovative use of technology to give the public 24-hour access to boundary data, including satellite-based information, the Internet and the County's website.

"If neighbors are having a property boundary dispute, Mr. Emmons is the man who helps settle the matter," McGolpin said.

Emmons said he "was very pleased" about winning the award, but, more importantly, the award will help the public to better understand the important role that surveyors have. "There's now recognition on a statewide level that surveyor is vital to Public Works and the engineering community," he added.

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