Posted By Jimmy Cleveland on 10/21/2009 at 2:32 PM

I recently spent well over an hour trying to recover a first order NGS monument. It had no magnetic material, so it was tape in from existing physical features.

Well, the distances did not add up at all, and I finally was able to recover the monument in good condition, only because the monument had been reset in 1972, and the datasheet contained a very, very detailed description, and also included an additional tie distance from a power pole. I also recovered the two witness monuments as well, while the GPS was collecting static data. I was initially using the latest monument recovery detail (the most recent).

After recovering the monument, I double checked the tie distance to a fence corner that I had been basing all of my measrements from (it HAS NOT MOVED), and the distance was over 20 feet off.

The recovery note in 2002 said that the monument had been recovered in good condition.

The moral of the story is, if the tie distances do not check, please notify NGS that the description needs to be updated. It could be your crew out there next time wasting time, trying to work off of a bad tie distance.

FWIW, I did drive two mag hubs on the north and south sides of the NGS monuments and witness monuments to try to make it easier for the next guy who comes looking for them. At least they might be abkle to find it with the metal detector. I will be submitting updated descriptions tomorrow, as it will be a rainy day according to the forecast.