Posted By Bruce Small on 10/22/2009 at 12:20 AM


It was supposed to be a routine and fast survey, setting stakes for a new gravel pit operation. I had surveyed the site and thus had all of the coordinates pre-loaded into my Leica GPS system. I had barely begun when I came across this retention basin, and since I had my camera with me I took a picture of the neat geometric patterns in the dried mud. Pretty, isn't it.


A few minutes later I had this sinking feeling, as I broke through the crust into the deep layer of gloppy mud underneath. Fortunately, I remembered my survival training and threw myself forward, so I could crawl out lugging the big bundle of laths and hammer with me. Then I had to go back for the GPS rover, and again crawl out.


I completed the survey while lugging a thick layer of mud around the site with me, all the while muttering to myself. Vicki hosed off the clothes when I got home; the old shoes we tossed in the garbage. And that was my day.

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