Posted By paul plutae on 8/26/2009 at 1:33 PM

A law school.

I have had so many laywers call me in the last few days I feel like a circuit judge and I have not even started the job yet. :)

One called me asking about showing the gaps/gores per the standards. Well, since these are all lots of tracts that call each other out, none exist.

So I call him back and he was referring to an easement that he says 'does not close' basing that on his memory of the property. A title report has been ordered so I cant review this easement he is talking about, and I was wondering if a non closing easement actually falls under what is stated in the standards in Section 5 (d).

It states, in part, ..."Contiguity, gores and overlaps along the exterior boundaries of the surveyed premises..."

This easement is interior (from public records) and IMO does not come into play for the gap/gore he was talking about.

Anyway..the first submittal of the ALTA should be interesting to see what four or twenty attorneys come up with on additions, corrections or deletions of the survey.