Posted By donald poole on 10/21/2009 at 4:05 PM

Here is one way to set a bound. Note: I DId NOT set this bound but I did find it, and it was wihtin 0.03' of where the math said it was supposed to be, as related to another stone bound about 350' down the road....
Photobucket Me with the Stone Bound

I did not get pictures of my latest stone bound setting. The short story is that I told my wife that the old timers would take a stone wall apart, set a drill hole or a bound if possible, in the base of the wall. Well wouldn't you know it, next thing I know I am dismantling a stone wall, setting a granite bound, and re-building the wall.... of course the police had to show up to find out what I was doing. A non-abutter had called them....but now I am offically an "old timer."