Haynes Adams Associates LLC - A Land Services Company, is open for business with a fresh approach in a traditional industry; Land Surveying and Planning. The economic and business world have changed, there is a new common sense business environment according to Cory Haynes of Haynes Adams Associates. Our new company is a response to that change. The expectations are different now; the freewheeling days of unlimited funding for speculative land development are over. Our clients have to justify their costs in earnest. Competitive pricing and cost control have become paramount. Responsiveness, responsibility and integrity are absolutely essential.

"Our focus is providing professional services for local people, businesses and organizations," says Mr. Haynes. "We are a small, employee owned company and registered Veterans Business Enterprise (VBE). Our primary purpose is to provide personal attention to our clients and their projects. When folks are talking to my business partner (Lori Adams) or myself about their objectives and requirements, they are talking to the people who will be working directly on their project."

The services provided by Haynes Adams Associates play an important role in the local economy because next to family, land is usually our most important tangible asset and investment. Their services enhance the value, marketability and security of that investment.

Summary of Services: Haynes Adams Associates specializes in Land Surveying and Planning and the acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spatially referenced data. www.haynesadams.com