Posted By frank willis on 9/22/2009 at 4:16 PM

I did a survey for a person on a piece of land in 2007 and provided initally a preliminary plat with my stamp but not signed, in accordance with state law.

Later I did a preliminary master plan for a subdivision layout for an architect on this very same piece of property in 2008. It had about 100 lots, and I laid it out in ACAD using Carlson--quickly.

In late 2008 the planning commission called me and asked my what I had been smoking to turn out a subdivision plat as bad as the one they saw. I had known nothing about this plat being given to anyone except this client, an architect, as a very basic preliminary site plan. Without my permission this architect listed me as the surveyor of record on the planning commission application and turned in my sketch unstamped and unsigned, but with my letterhead in the title block. I called him and told him to retract it and he said he did.

6 months later I get another call from planning commission asking if I was losing it--because I had slightly amended the initial submittal and had re-submitted trashy work. I got a copy of the documents, and once again this jerk has listed listed me as the surveyor of record without my knowledge. And this time he cut my letterhead from the initial survey and pasted it right into the same sketch I had done, making it look like a survey.

The architect's boss hired me a few weeks ago to do the survey and stake lots, etc, which we are doing, but gosh I am still ticked at what the architect did. I never got paid for the subdivision preliminary layout or anything he used for the planning commission, and i spent a bit of time doing damage control to reputation.

Right now I am in a delimna. Do i complain to BOR and to Arch. Board, or do I wait so as not to cause problems for developer who has now hired me direct to do survey work. Gut feeling is just to let it ride, but i am getting sick of this crud.

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